11 Tangible Benefits of Pokemon Go

George Molina
Product Manager
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7 min read
Published On
July 22, 2016

Pokemon has long been in the hearts of many children and teenagers through countless renditions, but the one thing that they have all been waiting for was a mobile version. Carrying a Nintendo DS was no longer appropriate for school or college and these once loved DS’s were pushed to the back shelf, replaced by a computer or Xbox.

Despite this Pokemon has been able to remain afloat with constant game releases, TV episodes, trading cards and merchandise. The Pokemon spirit resides in every millennial that played Pokemon as a child and Pokemon Go is a veritable adventure down memory lane.

While most fanatics are more familiar with the traditional layout of Pokemon with a vast map filled with different gyms, Pokemon, and a central storyline, Pokemon Go has similar features with the added experience of Augmented Reality. While the original Pokemon games inserted you into this fantasy world filled with mysterious caves and sprawling fields, Pokemon Go has the ability to take place right where you are:  in in your car, your school, your bed, your backyard, and pretty much anywhere on the globe. This app has created endless possibilities for every Pokemon aficionado, old or new, out there.

While there have been many attempts to integrate AR into video games, Pokemon Go effectively brings together an unprecedented experience. Pokemon Go’s AR features can be divided into two aspects: Real time map data and Real world Pokemon catching. Using Google Maps to integrate real world geography within it’s own design and architecture, Pokemon Go distributes objectives around the world for players called PokeStops. These PokeStops, are typically located on famous and noteworthy landmarks around town.

Besides the fact that it is ridiculously fun, here are 11 tangible benefits of playing Pokemon Go.

1. Embrace the Outdoors

Watching the sunrise and realizing it’s been over 2 days since you’ve been outside is a situation most gamers have found themselves in. Lucky for Pokemon Go players, the game can only be played while you’re out and about.​

2. Meet and Make Friends

If there’s a nearby lure on a Poke Stop, chances are a herd of fellow trainers are occupying the area. This app enables a whole lot of social interactions,from team rivalry to discovering rare Pokemon together. Countless of Pokemon “walking” groups have popped up on Facebook and thousands of people stop by the most popular Poke Stop in NYC on the outskirts of Central Park (59th and 5th Ave).

3. Millennial Throwback

For every millennial that played the original Pokemon games, this app is something that is placed close to their hearts. While the old Pokemon games were fun when we were kids, having a little “technology upgrade” is definitely something every millennial that played the old games relishes with delight.

4. Explore your city

Since Poke Stops are based off of real landmarks and spaces, using this app makes it easy to explore different places around your city; places that you probably wouldn’t have gone to if not for this app.

5. Great Physical Benefits

​The game’s main feature is that it requires movement to gain items, catch Pokemon, hatch eggs, and conquer gyms; aka physical exercise. While it might not pack in 2 hours of cardio fitness at the gym, certainly walking 10km to hatch your egg must benefit your physical well-being.

6. Great Mental Benefits

​Besides the cardiovascular benefits of walking the distance and preventing diabetes and other sicknesses, immersing yourself in the great outdoors also has beneficial mental improvement such as being capable of reducing depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia.

7. New Outlet for Businesses

If you’re a business looking for fresh business opportunities, integrating Pokemon Go will certainly attract a new wave of audience. From cafe signs advertising as a Poke Stop location to business ads based on Pokemon, there’s endless opportunities to what Pokemon Go can bring to your marketing plan.

8. AR Opportunities for Brands

​The app’s iteration and involvement with AR has proven that society is ready for AR mainstream usage which has truly opened up the doors to AR possibilities for all brands out there.

9. Increases Gaming Awareness

Ever considered yourself a closet nerd or gamer? It’s ok, you’re not alone. Before the Pokemon Go’s release, video games have been making a phenomenal increase in downloads and daily players. However, where this app really stands out from the rest is that it isn’t based off a console like its predecessors, but on smartphones, a powerful platform in the hands of two thirds of the American population. Despite only being released a couple weeks ago, it is the number one downloaded app with a reported 21 million active user count.

10. Education Integration

Despite being a video game, Pokemon Go is being integrated in a certainly unexpected medium: Education. Here are a few articles of key examples:

11. Cute Merchandise

Every millennial that played the Pokemon games when they were little can remember the other benefit of entering the Poke-world: The merchandise. From the stuffed Pikachu to the trading cards, there was no end to the amount of goodies one could buy and we’re excited for what’s to come with the Pokemon Go release.