Free UI/UX Design Resources You Don’t Want to Miss

Allison Nakajima
Product Design Team
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4 min read
Published On
July 28, 2022

When creating designs, you want to work hard but also smart. At Perpetual, we’re always utilizing the best resources to elevate our designs without sacrificing the quality of our work. Here are the links to the resources (in no particular order) that we think are worth saving and the best part is they’re all free.

UI Design Daily

This is a great resource for those that need inspiration or standard design templates for Figma, Sketch, and other design platforms. Not to mention, the library is updated daily so you’ll always have the latest resources at your fingertips.

UI Design Daily Web App


Ever need the perfect color hex code for something random (or completely ordinary). Whether it be a brand or your favorite food, Picular compiles an assortment of colors that match your search. It’s like Google but for colors!

Picular Web App


You might’ve heard of Unsplash, the holy grail of free stock photos. But have you heard about Coverr? It’s like Unsplash but for videos. Coverr offers a catalog of thousands of free, high-quality videos that are accessible to anyone.

Coverr Web App


Want to add a little spice to your design without the hassle? useAnimations has the perfect animation library with all files ready for immediate implementation on your apps or websites.

useAnimations Web app

Figma Community

For all Figma lovers, the Figma Community is a great resource for templates, widgets, plugins, and all things Figma. All resources are posted by Figma users across the globe, meaning that you’ll have the latest and greatest tools every day.

Figma Community Page on Figma Web App


This one isn’t as fancy as the others but it’s certainly useful nonetheless. Choma is a free browser extension that lets you pick colors off from any page and build shareable color palettes.

Chroma Extension Landing Page


You name it, fffuel’s got it. Whether you need a specific color palette or background pattern, fffuel allows you to make any graphic with ease. It has a wide variety of color tools and SVG generators for gradients, patterns, textures, shapes, backgrounds & decorative graphics.

Fffuel Web App

Super Designer

Super Designer is also a collection of design tools, similar to fffuel, but with a more specific, refined library selection. If you want the perfect, unique background pattern for your website then this is the perfect tool for you.

Super Designer Web App

Muzli Inspiration

Tired of going back and forth between Dribbble, Behance, and social media for design inspiration? Muzli is a browser plugin and mobile app that instantly delivers relevant inspiration and curates the latest content from hundreds of online designs, tech & news publications.

Muzli Inspiration Extension Landing Page

We love using the latest resources and hope some of these might be of use to you! Share this post with friends, fellow designers, and whoever else might enjoy and benefit from this content.