Illustrations to Level Up Your Designs

William Brodlo
Marketing & Design Associate
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4 min read
Published On
January 19, 2023

Graphic, UX, and Visual designers are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to elevate their designs. One powerful tool that can help them achieve this is illustrations. Illustrations can be a great visualization for user personas and can help to create a more engaging and personalized user experience. Additionally, they can make a website or application more engaging, easy to understand, and visually appealing. In this blog post, we will be exploring 15 different illustration-based resources that can help designers take their projects to the next level.

Image Source: ManyPixels

1. Fresh Folk:

Fresh Folk offers a unique collection of customizable illustrations that are perfect for giving your designs a personal and authentic touch. You can mix and match characters with different scenes, as they are delivered as Photoshop files. These illustrations are perfect for websites, apps, and print materials.

2. ManyPixels:

ManyPixels is a platform that connects designers with a community of freelance illustrators. They also have 2,500 royalty-free illustrations, that you can put in your social media posts, newsletters, landing pages, etc.

3. IconScout:

IconScout is a platform with over 5.7 million design assets to choose from. They offer 3D Illustrations, Lottie Animations, Vector Illustrations, and Vector Icons. IconScout can be integrated into various platforms like Figma or AdobeXD through plug-ins. They have a mix of free illustrations and cheaper pricing plans, making it a great resource for designers on a budget.

4. DrawKit:

DrawKit offers a collection of open-source illustrations that can be used for personal or commercial projects. They additionally have a “Drawkit Pro” which allows access to all of their content. The illustrations are hand-drawn vectors and icons, ready to be used in your next project.

5. LS Graphics:

LS Graphics offers a wide variety of illustrations, including character illustrations, 3D icons, and scene creators. They also offer a selection of illustrations that are perfect for creating visual storytelling. With individual item prices or pricing plans, the pricing plans make more sense than paying for the individual items. LS Graphics does offer free mockups, great for any designer trying to show how their project would look in use.

6. Icons8:

Icons8 is a platform that offers free vector and 3D illustrations, as well as icons, photos, and stock music. With 130 art styles, anyone can find something that fits their tastes. They offer both free and paid illustrations.

7. UnDraw:

UnDraw is a platform that offers a wide variety of illustrations and icons to choose from. Our team at Perpetual often uses unDraw, thank you to the platform’s creator Katerina Limpitsouni! They offer all open-source illustrations, free for everyone no matter the project.

8. Themeisle:

Themeisle offers a collection of free high-quality illustrations that are perfect for website and app design. The illustrations are available in both vector and PNG formats, making it easy to use them in various types of projects. A “main color” function allows you to customize each illustration to fit your needs.

9. OpenDoodles:

OpenDoodles is a collection of hand-drawn illustrations by Pablo Stanley that are all open-source. They are color customizable and editable online through Blush if you do not have software compatible with editing SVGs or PNGs.

10. GlazeStock:

GlazeStock offers a collection of royalty-free vector illustrations that are ready for your next design project. They also offer a wide variety of other design assets, such as icons, backgrounds, and 3d illustrations.


HUMAANS is a completely remixable library of illustrations of people that can help your project feel more custom. Created by Pablo Stanley, you can make an illustration for any occasion with different head, bottom, body, and background options.

12. Skribbl:

With 55 current contributing artists, Skribbl offers a collection of stunning human-made illustrations that give a very personal touch. These illustrations can be paid or free, with the option to purchase full packs or custom illustrations.

13. UI8:

UI8 has over 6,000 curated design resources for you to speed up your creative workflow. With a lot of freebies, UI8 is a great place to search for illustrations or inspiration. If you choose to buy their “All-Access Pass”, you get all of their products self-valued at $154,995 for paying a hefty $188 for 10 downloads a day. They have other pricing plans as well.

14. StreamlineHQ:

StreamlineHQ offers a wide variety of other design assets, including icons, illustrations, elements, and emojis. With free and paid packs, the choice is up to the user. Streamline has a large freebie library with roughly 200,00 free elements.

15. Open Stickers:

Open Stickers has open-source SVG stickers from Craftwork waiting for your next project. These stickers are very Figma compatible, you can copy the SVG files from their site or open them in the Figma Community tab. They are also completely color customizable. If you want more than just the free pack, you can purchase “Pro Stickers”.

Illustrations can be a powerful tool for graphic, UX, and web designers. They can help to create visually stunning user interfaces, and when used correctly, can serve as great visualizations for user personas. The 15 resources discussed in this blog post are great options for designers looking to level up their designs. From hand-drawn illustrations to 3D graphics, these resources offer a wide variety of styles and options for designers to choose from. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, these resources will help you to create user interfaces that are not only visually appealing but also personalized and relatable to your users. So, take advantage of these resources and start creating designs that truly stand out.

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