No-Code/Low-Code Automation Apps for Webflow

Shreyansh Kotak
Product Designer
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Published On
August 11, 2022

Webflow is a great no-code/low-code website building tool. Our designers at Perpetual love using Webflow to build amazing-looking websites for our partners. One of the key aspects of building powerful websites is automating trivial tasks. With the help of some no-code automation apps, anyone can take their Webflow website to the next level. So, we curated a list of great no-code workflow automation apps you can use to build powerful web applications using Webflow.

Use Case of Automation Apps for Webflow

With the help of these automation apps, you can expand the functionality of Webflow to the next level. Here are some of the use cases of Automation Apps for Webflow:

Sync Webflow CMS Collection with an External Database

There could be many reasons you would want to have your Webflow CMS Collection sync with an external database like Airtable or Notion. You might not want everyone on your team to create an account on Webflow to manage the CMS. You could also want to use the data from the database in multiple places. In any of these scenarios, you might want to automate the process of syncing data between the Webflow CMS and the external database.

Inventory and Order Management for eCommerce on Webflow

Webflow not only allows you to build amazing CMS-powered websites but also lets you build an eCommerce store on the website. With eCommerce, there are a lot of complex workflows like inventory management and order management. Usually, there are existing processes in place for these workflows. For such use cases, using these automation tools might allow you and your team members to build an eCommerce store on Webflow without disrupting existing order and inventory management processes.

Send Automated email for Form Submissions on Webflow

Webflow’s native forms being very basic leaves a lot to be desired. Standard UX practice like sending an acknowledgment email on form submission isn't possible without Logic for Webflow. While we wait for Logic to be made available, you might want to check out one of these automation tools to make that happen.

Sync data from Webflow CMS with Lead Management Software

If you are running a business and want to capture leads from your website forms, you might want to sync that data with more sophisticated Lead Management Software. For use cases where you might want to sync data captured through your website, automation tools can be useful to make that happen.

New CMS Entries using Forms on Webflow

With the power of CMS, there are endless possibilities of what can be built using Webflow. If you are trying to build a community-sourced resource library like Relume Library, you might need to capture information inside a form and populate the data inside the website CMS. Using these automation tools, you might just be able to do that.

Webflow Automation Apps


Zapier has become the go-to tool for automation on the Web. With integration options for 1000s of applications, there are endless possibilities to create a custom automation for Webflow.

While building automation on Zapier, one thing to know is that Zapier only allows building linear step-by-step flows on its free and started plans. The branching of workflows is only available through higher paid tiers. There are tons of tutorials and guides for integration using Zapier.

Webflow Automation on Zapier
Webflow Automation on Zapier


n8n is a free and open fair-code licensed Workflow Automation Tool. It is a node-based automation app that allows you to visualize workflows. They have 100s of integrations available right off the box.

Unlike other automation apps on this list, you can host it yourself on your server, or use your computer to run the app. n8n also provides a cloud-hosted service managed by them.

Webflow Automation on n8n
Webflow Automation on n8n


Make, formerly known as Integromat, is another great automation tool. Similar to n8n, Make provides a visual node visualizer to build workflows. With support for integration with more than 1000 applications, Make is a very good alternative to Zapier.

If you want to see if Make is a good automation app for you, they offer a free tier to get started.

Webflow Automation on Make
Webflow Automation on Make


Parabola is another node-based visual automation app with support for Webflow. You can pull data from Webflow CMS Collection or add new entries into a Webflow CMS Collection.

With Parabola, there is no direct way of triggering automation on Parabola from a Webflow Form Submission. If that is your use case with the automation app, you might want to consider one of the other apps on the list.

Webflow Automation on Parabola
Webflow Automation on Parabola


Whalesync has a different value proposition than other automation apps on this list. With Whalesync, you can sync databases between multiple sources. Whalesync provides a two-way sync right of the box. This means that you can sync your Webflow CMS collection with an external database like Notion or Airtable without creating complex automation workflows.

Whalesync does only one type of automation but does it well. Unfortunately, there are no free tiers with Whalesync after your free trial ends. So, we would recommend some of the other options on the list if you’re just starting.

Webflow Automation on Whalesync
Webflow Automation on Whalesync

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