Perpetual breaks 35 clutch review barrier

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3 min read
Published On
February 13, 2020

Here at Perpetual we focus on providing our clients with innovative design and custom software development services. Based in New York City, we specifically offer UX/UI design, web development, and web design services to clients of all sizes. We also complete projects in a wide range of industries with IT being the most popular at 50% of our total industry focus. Our profile on Clutch helps customers visualize the endless possibilities of their projects by taking a look at our digital portfolio. ​


Our profile also holds a lot of information in the form of client reviews, with an impressive 36 reviews approaching a five-star Clutch rating. ​


We recently worked with a digital studio on implementing an advanced interactive learning application. Given in-house designs from the company, we then developed the app using Prismic and React. We communicated with the company daily through Slack and standups three days every week, resulting in appreciation of our progress and transparency throughout the process.

“They all have experience and know what they’re doing. The team has a good handle on all sorts of situations. Sometimes things need to be done fast, and they understood that. I felt they were part of our team.” -Founder at a Design Agency

Another recent project of ours was creating a custom web page for the brand & design agency, Design Bridge. The client enjoyed having our team come in and work with their designers; this partnership helped streamline the project. ​

“They were also very accommodating with additional rounds of feedback and always kept us up to date with what was going on at their end. I also felt a genuine excitement from the Perpetual team about working with Design Bridge on this one which is always nice.” -Creative Director at Design Bridge

Clutch is continuously growing and is always looking for ways to be better. One of their newest additions is another website to their domain, The Manifest. Buyers are able to consult with experts on The Manifest through its extensive how-to guides of business challenges. The Manifest also publishes data and trends for various industries and lists of the best performing companies. Perpetual has been featured on the competitive list of top IT service companies in New York.

We hope you will take the chance to take a look at our website to learn more about us and what we offer and get in touch to build your next great project.