Fox Sports Case Study

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Sports News Company

Client Overview

Fox Sports is one of America’s largest sports TV networks with over 100 million viewers. It broadcasts a variety of sports events, including Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, NASCAR, NFL, and college sports. Fox Sports also operates several sports-related websites and provides live streaming through its Fox Sports Go platform.

Project Goal

The goal of this project was to enhance the Press Pass experience on the Fox Sports website. Our objective was to re-design the experience in a way that improved the opportunities for displaying content and maintained brand alignment within the existing design. The redesign aimed to deliver an experience that is not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate and use. The re-design also included improved functionality, such as mobile-responsive design, and an enhanced backend CMS, which allows for greater flexibility in content management. By focusing on these key elements, we aimed to keep Fox Sports Press Pass readers informed in an easy and timely manner.

Services Provided

Mobile & Web UI/UX Design
UX Consulting
Web Development
Project Content Strategy


We followed an agile software development process, starting with research and analysis to identify areas for improvement. Our product design team crafted designs and visual assets in accordance with Fox Sports' brand guidelines. We then moved on to development, focusing on building a responsive website that works seamlessly across all devices and an enhanced backend CMS for greater flexibility in content management. Finally, we conducted thorough testing before deploying the website.





To make sure the website looked consistent and boost the overall visibility of the site, we followed the brand guidelines that were already in place. We paid attention to the design elements and layout of the website and made sure they matched the brand's image, and also considered what the target audience would want and need when using the site.

Dynamic Interactions

We added CMS driven dynamic interactions to the website, which could be enabled and setup on the CMS.

Responsive Designs

To ensure an optimal user experience on both desktop and mobile, we designed the website to be fully responsive. Our design decisions were informed by cross-device best-practices allowing us to deliver the most relevant information to users across all devices.


The redesign of the Fox Sports Press Pass website resulted in a comprehensive and up-to-date news coverage experience for users across web and mobile. It has also resulted in a high level of user acquisition and engagement, in addition to modernizing it in alignment with the rest of the Fox Sports web properties.