Roo Case Study

Veterinary Relief and
Staffing Solutions

Client Overview

Roo allows freelance veterinarians to connect with hospitals through an easy & accessible web application. The platform enables hospitals to fulfill short-term personnel needs, and allows veterinarians to work at a schedule that meets their needs. In other words, Uber meets ZocDoc meets Facebook in the pet healthcare sector.

Project Goal

The Roo team observed a market need for an easier way for vets to connect to hospitals. Clinics are often unable to keep up with the pace of their clients’ needs, and the Roo team observed that it was difficult to fulfill these short-term and last-minute shits. Additionally, veterinarians & vet technicians were restricted to working set schedules, despite having the availability to work more flexible hours.

The goals of this project included creating flexibility & work-life balance for vets, in addition to providing a platform for a growing community of professionals in the industry.

Services Provided

Launched the MVP to market in under 6 months
Created custom branding (typography, color palette)
Designed key marketing materials and collateral
Operated as zero-to-one product development team


We worked alongside Roo as their product design and development partner to help build their web platform that launched in early 2019. We provided a full range of services to build the application from the ground up, including UX Research, Product Branding, UX Design, UI Design, User Testing, Visual Design, Product and Project management, Full-Stack Engineering, Server and hosting setup, and Product Development Operations to deliver a fully responsive solution ready for Web, iOS, and Android.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Java Script

Solution - Desktop App

Email / text triggers

We increased communication & awareness between users and the platform to get more engagement. Users now get warning emails if their shift is about to expire.

shift specialization

Price adjustments for specialized shifts allow for a wider range of vet professionals to use this platform and add support for more nuanced use cases.

full transparency

Both sides provide information capture on service types, skills, and preferences, ensuring full transparency and the best matching.

all-in-one platform

Streamlines the process of connecting with open job positions, getting paid for shifts, and networking with the community.

admin dashboard

For the Roo team to monitor and manage the platform for management.

mutual rating system

Vets and hospitals rate each other, which ensures accountability on both parties.


Roo4you newsletter is updated with content weekly.

live chat

Integrated live chat feature.

matching support

Allowing Vets to find shifts posted by Hospitals.


In the first few months of its launch, Roo was able to generate hundreds of relief shift bookings, with thousands posted, in their first market, Texas.  Based on the learnings and success of the pilot in Texas, Roo has expanded to multiple states across the US in their next phase while raising a seed round of funding of approximately $5M.