HABITAS Case Study

Digital Responsive Platform for Luxury
Hospitality Management Group

Client Overview

HABITAS is a hospitality management group, home to a diverse global community of travelers, where people can experience music, wellness, and adventure at their resorts. It operates luxury hotels located across the globe.

Project Goal

The project goal was to redesign the website with an improved user experience, including navigation and footer, as well as improvements to the information architecture, multilingual support, and a custom media playback experience.

With the redesign, Habitas wanted to provide an engaging experience on the website. They also wanted to showcase their culture and values across their global properties.

Services Provided

Detailed UX Audit with Recommendations
Responsive Web UI/UX Design
Front-End and Back-end Development
Website Performance Enhancements


Our team included multiple UX designers, front-end and back-end engineers, and a product manager. We coordinated our efforts following an agile process and worked closely with the client to define tasks.

We worked on solving the challenges from a user experience and engineering standpoint, bridging the gap between design and development to deliver a seamless experience for the users.


Wordpress Logo
Photoshop Logo
Google Sheets Logo


Video Discovery

We designed a new experience to showcase the brand videos for all HABITAS' properties. The user would get an engaging experience when browsing videos and deliver a better understanding of the culture and values of HABITAS.

Custom Video Playback Experience

To align with the styling and branding, we designed a custom video experience. We added support to the back-end for attaching a journal to the video player. We carefully designed and developed on-hover, on-click, and on-scroll interactions to create a continuous and exceptional video playback experience.

Press Showcase

We iterated over multiple press page designs to provide the best value for the target user persona of this page.

Multilingual Support

To cater to HABITAS' international audience, language support for Arabic and Spanish was built. In addition to supporting the languages, we made regional and cultural considerations to the design.

Navigation and Footer Redesign

Conducting UX research and analyzing user behavior through Google Analytics, helped define the information architecture. Our process helped organize the navigation and footer with a clear hierarchy and improved visibility.

GDPR Compliance

Since the company operates in Europe, it was important for the website to be GDPR compliant. We designed the cookie consent to be non-intrusive with usability in mind. We used ethical design practices like the option to decline the cookies' consent without extra friction.

Responsive Design

Since most users on the HABITAS website were visiting it on their mobile phones, we defined interactions to provide a great user experience for mobile users.

WordPress Development

We developed a custom WordPress template to build the website. We ran performance enhancement of the website for pages with a large amount of media content. Some actions include using the 'WP Rocket' Plugin, updating to an advanced network, operating lazy load media, and using image optimization Plugins. We set up the WordPress CMS to make content management easy for HABITAS.


With a successful redesign of HABITAS' website, the website has a consistent design with an improved user experience. The multilingual support broadens the user groups and generates more leads. With the redesign, the website has experienced a growth of about 300%.