Arasati Case Study

Knowledge Management

Client Overview

Arasati is a knowledge management platform within the enterprise which is created to help users in better managing content across all the applications they use at their workspace digitally.

Project Goal

With organizations turning platform agnostic and thereby encouraging employees to work with a platform of their choice, it becomes increasingly difficult for a product manager or a team leader to search for content over look, since it could be located potentially in any file storage or any design tool or even any developer documentation.

The project goal was to create a universal search that would enable users to search across all these third party file storage services and tools.

Services Provided

UX Logo
User Research and Product Design
Chrome Extension Development
Website Development and Extension Release
Google Analytics Integration


Research and Analysis
We took a UX first approach where the overall idea was taken through an end-to-end cycle of user experience design, which started from the initial research phase, understanding the requirements, feature analysis, desk research, stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis and feature prioritization.

Once the initial research phase was completed, we jumped straight into the design phase where we took a user centric approach and went through multiple levels of fidelity (low-medium-high) to achieve the final output.

Once the initial design phase kicked off, we started the initial development research that need to be conducted to define the scope, any algorithms needed and search ranking score logic generated.

With design complete, we did a 10-week development cycle to get the platform from concept to final output.




Customer Onboarding Process

One-stop-solution which provides a universal search across all these technologies and file storage services. By installing Arasati as an extension to user’s file browser and authenticating with the company email, Arasati provides users with a singular search engine that searches across all the platforms the user has access to.

Search Query

Analyze content based on the search queries provided by the user to generate the most relevant search results using a powerful algorithm that tracks user activity for each file, user engagement within the document and the query searched by the user.

Assisting the users

The plugin is also intended to search as an assistant to user’s daily activity, that way they could continue with their usual activity and search in the tool of their choice. Arasati at its end will provide the user with valuable information based on the search query they entered to check for other locations where similar content exists.


We released the platform and tested it internally where user activity across files and content relevancy led to the most valuable results showing up at the top of the search bar. The internal test results were positive and generated value with the help of the tool supported by the user.