Biproxi Case Study

Online Real
Estate Platform

Client Overview

Biproxi is the one-stop-shop for commercial real estate and leasing, geared toward improving the transaction process for middle-market CRE brokers, buyers, sellers, and tenants -- the “Zillow for CRE”.

Project Goal

The existing commercial real estate listings platforms have a high barrier to entry (due to fees, licensing, etc). This makes it difficult for brokers to add commercial listings, and thus for principles to discover listings in one place. As a result, the listings market is vastly fragmented. Biproxi was seeking a partner to build a modern, innovative online real estate platform to address this fault.

Services Provided

Project Management, Customer and Technical Support
UI/UX design, product branding, and key graphic design elements
Software customization, software architecture & web development
Front-end development (React.JS, Node.JS), Data requests, Issue Triage


From Concept to Launch
We saw the project from concept to delivery and designed the end-to-end User Experience keeping in mind the needs of both brokers and buyers.

In-Person Collaboration with Iterative Sprints
Through multiple in-person collaborations with the Biproxi team, as well as users and stakeholders, we were able to quickly incorporate feedback and increase our efficiency to create a video platform they had envisioned. We collocated our delivery team of UX Design and Software Development and operated in rapid agile sprints to evolve the product through to launch.

Lean Delivery
Biproxi was launched with an advanced set of features addressing the commercial real estate transaction life-cycle on a modern responsive website, a robust back-end platform, administrative tools, and user management.

Integration with 3rd party providers
Including Google Maps API, AWS, and 3rd party data providers to fetch property data from brokers' sites and multiple listing services (MLS).




Intelligent Search

Search feature across 80k+ properties with filters including search by property type, broker name, and company name.

Elastic Search to index and display data in search results. Also, data indexing and syncing mechanisms are in place with our DB and Elastic Search.


Biproxi marketplace for additional functionality after selling and live offer service for bidding.

Responsive Map

A responsive map with different viewing options like list, map or satellite.

Seller Dashboard

Biproxi Dashboard for the seller to add and view their listing and get daily activity status.


Leaderboard offers range of information regarding the property and it’s standing.


The entire product was conceptualized, designed, built, integrated, data-enabled, launched, and operational within one year. It was well received by the target audience as reflected by high user engagement. Additionally, this product met 2 major seed funding goals, rapidly onboarding new users & gaining market adoption.