Break the Love Case Study

Community Focused
Tennis Club Platform

Client Overview

Break the Love (BTL) was founded as a way to connect with other tennis players and to organize group-based tennis activities with players at local parks & clubs. BTL is one of the most comprehensive resources & communities for discovering and booking high-quality and unique group-based tennis activities to learn, train, or compete powered by passionate organizers & tennis pros.

Project Goal

Re-design Break The Love platform, create and refine a platform where players can search and sign up for events, connect with coaches and other players, and learn more about the sport.

In addition, to create a back-end platform where coaches can input scores and reports from events for each participant. Also to create a CMS where BTL staff can post events and articles and manage the content throughout the BTL platform.

Services Provided

Mobile and Web UI/UX Design
Visual Designs with existing brand guidelines
Web development with overall codebase
UX Consulting and Project Content strategy


To redesign the Break The Love platform from ground-up, we worked towards creating and refining a comprehensive system for players with a high-level overhaul that involves visuals, content, structure, product design and code to improve the user experience.

The first step towards working on this project involved identifying the objectives and gaps and creating a checklist for website infrastructure. This step helped in listing technologies required to close the gap and build a wireframe design to later develop it.


Amazon Web Serivices (AWS)



As the landing page for the Break The Love platform, this homepage had to act as both an advertisement space for BTL, and as a utility space for their customers. We achieved this by displaying informative content for new customers mixed with navigation start points for existing customers.

Break the Love - Homepage

Event Search Experience

This page helps players explore a map of upcoming events near them, cycle through cards of upcoming activities, and use filters and sorting to help narrow down their search. Users can also search for coaches and other players.

Break the Love - Search Experience

Break the Love Blog

A large piece of the Break The Love ecosystem are articles around tips and tricks of tennis, tennis news, and other tennis-related content. Here users can search through past and featured articles and are presented with interspersed widgets directing them to other areas of the BTL platform.

Break the Love - Blog

Article Pages

The article pages are formatted to allow the writers to display and compare different tennis products or activities.

Break the Love - Articles


Several email templates were developed for future expansion of the platform.

Break the Love - Emails


Break the Love is USA's fastest growing tennis community and provides an online destination for players of all levels to discover and book recreational tennis services. We assisted in designing and further developing their web platform to keep up with their fast growth and upcoming rounds of funding.