Colgate Case Study

Leading Oral Hygiene
Product company
Colgate Case Study - Leading Oral Hygiene Product company

Client Overview

Colgate is a leading American brand which principally provides oral hygiene products such as toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes and dental floss available globally.

Project Goal

The primary goal for this project was to build out the website using Ceros and assist with development needs wherever necessary. Additionally, the challenge was to build out the creative vision set up by Design Bridge within the constraints of the design tool Ceros.

Services Provided

Web Design and Development
Assist with Design Bridge in Development
Follow Web Development Best Practices
Audit of potential design tools to be considered


We collaborated with a branding and marketing agency called Design Bridge. Design Bridge is a leading creative agency specializing in Brand and Design. We partnered particularly with the Creative Director at Design Bridge who was leading the project along with a few key designers.

We partnered with Design Bridge to build out Colgate’s Brand Experience Center from the ground up and used Ceros as a platform of development to bring this website to life. The Design Bridge team served as the creative team while Perpetual built out the vision the creative team envisioned.


Ceros Logo
Adobe CC Logo
Adobe CC


One-stop-solution which provides a universal search across all these technologies and file storage services. By installing Arasati as an extension to user’s file browser and authenticating with the company email, Arasati provides users with a singular search engine that searches across all the platforms the user has access to.

Actions and Products

Actions and Products

Creative Ingredients

Creative Ingredients

Brand Resources

Brand Resources


With the platform going live, every employee of Colgate across the globe now has access to a universal brand experience center. This would be a one stop shop for anyone willing to learn more about how Colgate has evolved over the years and how the brand needs to be taken forward.

Having the team, who was actually working on this build, able to come in and spend time with our designers was a fantastic way to streamline this project both creatively and from a timing perspective. They were also very accommodating with additional rounds of feedback and always kept us up to date with what was going on at their end. I also felt genuine excitement from the Perpetual team about working with Design Bridge on this one which is always nice.

Sam Cutler

Creative Director, Design Bridge