FlatRate Moving Case Study

Digital Platform for New York's
Number One Moving Company

Client Overview

FlatRate, New York’s top moving and logistics company, is innovating its industry with best-in-class service and technology. They were looking to redesign their overall web and mobile experience and increase their SEO performance.

Project Goal

FlatRate’s website had multiple problems including site usability, accessibility, SEO performance, slow page speed due to which they decided to make changes to the site.

The goal of this project was to redesign the experience, boost their SEO, standardize their style guide across the board and solve accessibility and ADA compliance issues.

Services Provided

Product Management, Product Development and SEO Optimization
Mobile and Web User Experience and Interface Design
Implementing 50+ Unique Templates and booking forms
Desktop, mobile, tablet development refactored with overall codebase


Step 1

Daily meetings and UX research with the FlatRate team and daily communication using Slack Channel.

Step 2

We created the product designs and provided handoffs using InVision which is an online whiteboard and productivity platform.

Step 3

After completing the agile software development with softwares like javascript which included requirement discovery and solution improvement, we completed the deployment process on the live product.





Through the architecture and redesign of primary and secondary pages, we were able to define a style guide, make changes to the copy to make it more customer-centric, and improve the visual hierarchy. This allowed us to maintain consistency in the design. The design process included building a new booking form, navigation process, and footer for the website.

Content Updates

SEO audit resulted in content updates and prioritizing content within each page. We also made updates to the navigation with the new page design.

Responsive Designs

​We looked into providing users with the ability to view and edit the details of their moves on their mobile devices. The design process included condensing a large amount of information into mobile screens while reducing the need to scroll by organizing the details in a comprehensive way.


After the launch of the new homepage redesign, Flatrate’s SEO performance improved by over 50% with keyword rankings moving up in position. With the success of the redesign throughout each phase, now FlatRate is able to provide its customers with a great moving experience on both web and mobile.