Jio Education Case Study

Virtual Classroom and Online
Learning Platform

Client Overview

As India's largest telecom company, Reliance Jio offers a range of education platforms. These include virtual classrooms and the Open edX platform, which are available to both students and teachers in government schools across the country.

Project Goal

The goal of this project was to design a user-friendly system for live video classroom sessions that utilizes video chatting technology. The system should enable instructors to easily create, access, modify, and delete live video sessions, and allow students to join these sessions. Importantly, the platform was designed to be accessible and easy to use for novice computer users in a government school setting.

Services Provided

UX Research & User
UX Logo
Data Visualizations &
Chat Integration
Wire-framing & UX
Product Development Specification


To achieve the project goals, we took an end-to-end approach to the design and development of the platform. We worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs and goals for the platform.

We developed a comprehensive strategy that would guide the design and development of the platform. Our team of product designers created wireframes and mockups of the platform to ensure that it would be easy to use and visually appealing.

Our team of developers used their expertise in Python, front-end development, and mobile development to bring the platform to life.

Our project management team was responsible for ensuring that the project stayed on track, that all stakeholders were informed of progress, and that any issues were dealt with promptly. They also facilitated communication and coordination between the different teams working on the project.




network Connectivity

Government schools located in remote areas often lack sufficient network connectivity. This made it harder to provide a stable and reliable live video classroom experience for students and teachers in these areas.


Many teachers and students in government schools may not have had prior experience with online learning platforms and would need support to get started.


The platform needed to be able to seamlessly integrate with various internal systems, such as SSO, billing, and analytics to provide a smooth user experience.

instructor absence Tracking

We needed to ensure that the system would accurately track and report on the absence of instructors.


OpenEdx Platform

Using OpenEdx as the foundational Learning Management Solution (LMS) platform enabled us to build a powerful video learning solution that can be configured to Jio’s specifications. The platform allows users to view course detail information and enroll in them.

Partner Institutions

To address the challenge of connectivity, Jio partnered with institutions that had reliable internet connections. By subscribing to Jio's Partner Institutions, students could participate in real-time classroom settings from any location.

Virtual Classroom

To address the challenges of network and tech-support, we integrated virtual classrooms into the platform, enabling students and teachers to schedule and attend classes online. The platform also includes a chat feature to facilitate better communication between students and teachers.


We implemented a virtual whiteboard that facilitates the communication between the students and teachers in a virtual classroom setting and empowers learning for students.


The education platform we designed and developed for Reliance Jio was launched as a key vertical to drive digital transformation in India and expand in the telecom industry. The platform offered a range of benefits, including the ability to schedule and attend virtual classes, communicate with teachers and classmates, and access a range of educational resources. By providing these tools and resources, the platform aimed to support Reliance Jio's goal of fostering a stronger, more connected India. The platform has been well-received by both instructors and students and is being used to support education in government schools across India.