Jio Education Case Study

Virtual Classroom and Online
Learning Platform

Client Overview

Reliance Jio is India's largest telecom company and is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries. Jio Education platforms include virtual classrooms and the Open edX platform for both students and teachers in a government school.

Project Goal

The goal of this project was to create an easy system for Live Video Classroom Sessions facilitated by video chatting where instructors should be able to easily create, read, update and delete live video sessions. Students should be able to join these live video sessions.

The main purpose of this project was for this platform to be able to work successfully in a government school setting by novice computer users.

Services Provided

UX Research and User
Data visualizations and
chat integration
Wireframing and UX
Product Development Specification


Reliance Jio Education project required multiple integrations and customizations. Some of the features we worked on include: Multimedia, Billing, Multi-tenancy, Advanced SCORM support and Mobile development.

With a team of 6 which included a Product Designer, a Front-end developer,  Full-Stack Python Developers, a Project Manager and an Architect, we guided Jio towards end-to-end strategy, design and development for desktop, tablet and mobile.




instructor absence

Build ALU’s learning portal on an Open edX powered Learning Management System


Lack of connectivity between instructors and students.


Lack of network connectivity in government schools that are in and around remote areas.


Usability problems are caused by a lack of technical support and knowledge.


Integration with various internal systems like SSO, Billing, Analytics, etc.


Edx Platform

EdX platform provides more information on the courses along with the capability to enroll for them.

Partner Institutions

The ability to subscribe to Jio’s Partner Institutions allows students to experience real-time classroom setting from any place.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual classrooms are integrated into the platform to schedule and attend classes online. The platform provides a chat feature to be able to establish better communication between students and teachers.


A virtual whiteboard that helps the user and the team to effectively facilitate meetings and learn.


This education platform became one of the key verticals being launched as a part of the strategies and the efforts taken by Reliance Jio towards making a more powerful digital India and growing in the telecom industry.