Liberty Lending Case Study

Digital Platform for
Innovative Loans

Client Overview

Liberty Lending is a fintech company that offers consumers a digital banking and lending platform with the mission of helping everyone make financial progress.

Liberty has broadened their mission beyond lending, and is focused on innovating more widely in banking and personal finance to empower consumers and give them the access and confidence to make better financial decisions.

Project Goal

Implement a new design based on a brand overhaul across desktop, tablet and mobile screens.

Refactor the codebase of the original Liberty Lending website and revamp the overall responsive user interface with cross browser compatibility and assist with platform enhancements to help users achieve their financial goals effortlessly.

Enhance search engine optimization implementation and discoverability across the site.

Services Provided

Website development using React
Product logo
SEO integration within codebase
Secure user authentication
Improved site performance score


Step 1
The tasks were broken down into weekly sprints and new features were released at the end of each sprint cycle

Step 2
Created modular components as per the figma design requirements.

Step 3
Built a highly efficient and modular codebase. This approach helped with seamlessly rebranding the site and easy incorporation of all the functional and styling changes that came with the rebranding






Post-Registration Loan Management Dashboard


The project resulted in implementation of redesigned pages, cross browser compatibility across Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox, responsive design incorporating desktop, tablet and mobile viewing, search engine optimization and improved site performance scores for Liberty Lending.