Luster Case Study

Gold and High Value Assets
Investment Platform

Client Overview

Luster provides investors with enterprise grade, asset backed financial products with diversified investment characteristics, delivered through modern and efficient platform operations.

Project Goal

Accelerate and create solutions by researching, designing and building the flagship investment platform for Luster to gain first-mover advantage in the asset-backed financial services landscape.

Services Provided

UX Research and Product Strategy
User Experience and Interface Design
Branding and Visual Designs
Consulting and Technical Architecture


Analysis and Research
This stage consists of vision and goals recap and project initiation. We got a better understanding of pain points and project goals with competitive analysis and stakeholder interviews, worked through strategy, product definition and user flows.

Creation of sitemap, wireframes, low and high fidelity mockups, interactive prototypes and iterative designs to deliver end-to-end results.


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Google Docs


User Flows

Defining end to end investor, admin and issuer user journeys and actions through the system in this analysis process.

HIMSS Onboarding

Site Map

Sitemap to help unleash the ranking potential of the site by making it more easily accessible based on the information prioritization.

Persona Evaluation

Persona creation to understand the target user and evaluate product design from their perspective. Persona includes user’s demographics, traits and interests, pain points, needs etc.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

With a foundation of analysis and research, the interface design phase started with low fidelity concept sketches and wireframes.

Visual Design and Style Guide

Starting with brand and color exploration, we created a style guide suitable for the product including the typography and component styling.

High Fidelity Prototypes

Style guide was applied to the wireframes with stakeholder and user feedback incorporated.


In the product development process for this platform, component libraries were implemented for a successful handoff to development team and responsive screens were designed for all screen sizes and to ensure high fidelity implementation.

Perpetual had a thorough, well-planned approach that they executed effectively. Their team began with building screens that aligned with our detailed requirement list. They built the MVP to include all the necessary features. The completed mock-ups and designs for the MVP were positively received and delivered on time. The team at Perpetual was impressive throughout the process and excelled in producing a quality product. Their attentiveness and organization made the project smooth and productive.  My advice to other clients would be to go into the project prepared with what you want, and Perpetual will deliver.

Stephen Birdsong