Mythical Games Case Study

Next-generation Game
Technology Marketplace

Client Overview

Mythical Games is a next-generation game technology studio that is pioneering blockchain technology to enable true player ownership. Through their innovative approach, Mythical Games is driving the future of gaming with their focus on digital assets, verifiable scarcity, and integrated secondary markets. They believe that emerging technology should only be used if it enhances the overall gaming experience, describing themselves as “games-first”.

Project Goal

Mythical Games wanted to create a modern and exciting marketplace where players could buy, sell, and trade NFTs. The goal of this marketplace was to showcase the artistic aspect of NFTs and to provide insight on the price and evolution of NFTs.

Services Provided

Mobile & Web UI/UX Design
Blockchain User Experience
Web Development
Gaming Platform Integration


Our UX team worked collaboratively with the Mythical Games team to deliver the MVP product in 6 months. Using our agile product development process, we solved design challenges from a user experience and engineering perspectives.

We took a collaborative approach, adopted a methodical process, and adhered to best practices. These steps resulted in the delivery of an intuitive digital marketplace for Mythical Games.




Search Experience

The marketplace's user-friendly landing page allows users to conveniently search the vast NFT inventory. With handy filters, users can narrow down their search through the extensive collection of products and quickly find what they're looking for.

Mythical Marketplace - Search Experience


When users select an item, they are taken to the details page. Here, they can see more information about the item category and browse through the inventory of mints/editions. Users can then find the specific versions of the item they’re looking for, using edition filters.

Mythical Marketplace - Item Type


The dashboard is a powerful tool to understand price trends and to navigate the marketplace. With features like a marketplace overview and a watchlist that monitor user activity, buyers can stay on top of market movements. The "Latest SALES" and "Latest LISTINGS" sections provide valuable insights into both real-time market activity and live trade activity.

Mythical Marketplace - Dashboard


When an action takes place in the marketplace, the user will receive an instant e-mail confirmation. This includes crucial events in your trades and offers like selling, listing, buying, and transaction errors. These emails were designed to boost engagement and promote brand unity with the marketplace.


Our collaboration resulted in Mythical Games quickly and efficiently launching their MVP product. Our partnership helped accelerate their momentum into unicorn status at over a billion-dollar valuation.

Perpetual joined us at a critical time when we were pivoting from traditional gaming to offering gaming digital merch on the blockchain, and right before NFTs went mainstream. Perpetual worked closely with us in this complex pivot, staying in tune with us and the market, addressing user needs, and creating a marketplace experience that was instantly ready for the NFT zeitgeist in iterative design and launch cycles. Their experience in blockchain since 2017 came in handy and gave us an edge over our competitors.

Ryan Feldhoff

Head of Product Marketplace, Mythical Games