Reliance Jio Case Study

Conference Room
Built for Businesses

Client Overview

Reliance Jio is India's largest telecom company and is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries. Jio Conference Room now known as Jio Meet is an enterprise-grade video-conferencing platform for securely hosting business meetings or one on one calls.

Project Goal

The goal of this project was to design and develop a video conferencing service for Jio which included Whitelabel onboarding, branding, calendar services, video chat and call-in options while focusing on the overall experience when logged in and in call experience with video and chat features.

Services Provided

UX Research and
User flows
UX Logo
Branding and Visual
Wireframing and
UX design
Web Development


Design Process
Based on the Jio Conference Room PRD, our product design team conceptualized, designed, and defined the entire user experience from wireframe to high-definition mockups and web development for the Jio Conference Room Desktop MVP which included more than 50 screens for the onboarding, call-scheduling, and in-call experience.

Engineering Process
Engineering focused on architecture, data modeling, and standing up the new Jio Conference Room application. A decision was made mid-Q1 to switch from a Python-based stack to a Java-based stack.





Effortless onboarding experience for users to stay informed with the help of multiple features.

Chat Feature

Chat as a corporate communications feature to allow the option of telecommuting for the employees.

Screen Share

Screen sharing feature to help visualize the content the speaker wants to share with other meeting attendees.


A calender is integrated into the platform to plan and manage the team’s work.


The project provided an innovative concept for the new business line for Reliance and formed the basis for their product 'Jio Meet’ which was subsequently launched in the marketplace before the COVID Pandemic and gained an immense amount of traction. This project was also well received by the Reliance executive, product, and business teams.