Raom Robotics Case Study

Wellness and Fitness
Services Platform

Client Overview

Roam Robotics develops lightweight, low-cost, wearable robotic devices that can be easily integrated into everyday life. Roam’s proprietary technology generates power-to-weight ratio, utilizes scalable manufacturing techniques, and harnesses AI-informed robotics to restore and expand the boundaries of human mobility.

Project Goal

The goal of this project was to help Roam Robotics redesign and create a more accessible website, introduce a new business vertical (Health), and to implement the overall website, ensuring it is usable and converting prospective users to interested buyers.

Services Provided

User Experience assistance
Product logo
Website accessibility check
Website development with Squarespace
Custom block development


Building custom blocks using the code and developing the entire website from the designs provided by Roam Robotics’ team.

Helped and provided assistance with making the website accessible for all users.


Adobe Illustrator
VS Code



Built the Ascend website (ascend.health) which is a sister website of Roam Robotics.

Custom Navigation

Built custom navigation for both the main website and Ascend website.

Design Development

Due to some constraints on building designs using Squarespace, we built custom blocks using code and helped make the experience more accessible.


We were able to build a compliant website and improve the navigation to build meaningful interactions for Roam Robotics’ users. In this process, we ensured the websites were ADA compliant as one of the most important requirements for their Ascend Health website was HIPAA compliance.