T-Mobile Case Study

Augmented Reality Usability Testing

Client Overview

T-Mobile, founded in 1999, is one of the leading telecommunication companies covering millions across the U.S. with its expansive network. T-Mobile has achieved industry acclaim through pioneering initiatives like the Un-carrier movement, leading advancements in 5G technology, and strategic mergers, solidifying its position as a trailblazer and key player in the future of wireless communication.

Project Goal

The project goal was to provide user testing for a holiday launch of an immersive T-Mobile augmented reality (AR) experience. Through user insights and usability feedback, the AR experience was iterated on to be ready for a quick turnaround product launch.

With on-site sessions at Times Square in New York City, our team of UX designers and testers provided multiple rounds of testing and feedback of different beta versions of the AR experience.

Services Provided

Usability Testing
Cross-Device Testing
User Research Feedback
Promotional Materials


We adopted an iterative and user-centric approach, emphasizing meticulous testing to meet the needs of those interacting with the T-Mobile AR experience. By conducting on-site usability testing with expert commentary, we ensured our alignment with the client's objectives. Our research strategy revolved around constant iteration, providing user insights to help refine and optimize the product for a successful launch and long-term impact.


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Usability Testing

We conducted rigorous on-site usability testing at Times Square, New York City, for T-Mobile's AR experience. By analyzing user interactions with different beta versions, we identified and addressed pain points, ensuring an optimal and user-friendly AR experience aligned with T-Mobile's commitment to cutting-edge innovation.

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Cross-device Functionality

Accounting for a diverse user base, we focused on cross-device functionality in the usability testing of T-Mobile's AR experience. This ensured seamless performance across smartphones, delivering a consistent and engaging user experience as part of our comprehensive approach to project success.

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On-site Field Testing

To best prepare for the location, we facilitated on-site logistics during the holiday launch of T-Mobile's augmented reality experience at Times Square. Leveraging our expertise, we ensured smooth coordination and execution, optimizing the user testing process amid the bustling environment where millions pass through during the holidays.

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Our quick-to-action services helped the AR experience launch in time for the holidays. In a high-volume foot traffic area, the Times Square T-Mobile store was able to receive an influx of visitors wishing to interact with the AR experience. With millions of people passing through the area, the project was able to garner the eyes of a plethora of users and promote T-Mobile’s brand awareness while advancing the field of immersive experiences.