Unpakt Case Study

Moving Comparison
Service Platform

Client Overview

Unpakt is an online marketplace for planning your move, comparing movers, and booking the move. They work with pre-approved, licensed and insured movers to help people move. They reached $1M+ revenue in their first year, raised $3M of private investment, and are currently a profitable business.

Unpakt App Mockups

Project Goal

We worked with Unpakt on multiple projects. This project had specific requirements which would not only engage users but would greatly increase conversions, making the moving experience more intuitive.

The goal of this project was to improve the design of some key pages and experiences including the homepage, booking flow and Move plan including desktop, tablet and mobile experiences, making these experiences more efficient for the users.

Services Provided

Product Strategy and concept
Mobile and Web UI/UX Design
Agile and Lean Process Setup
Website development Specification


Our team involved UX designers, Software developers and a project manager working towards building the platform from a user experience and engineering standpoint. This involved implementing a UX design process from the ground-up, understanding the users, creating wireframes and developing the same.

We also worked on optimizing and narrowing the workflow on homepage and in their booking process to address some of the key challenges.


Sketch Logo
InVision Logo
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Homepage Experience

Intuitive interface which follows user’s mental model to improve usability. It is built and organized in a way that allows user to access information, navigate and transact naturally and effortlessly.

Unpakt Homepage

Booking Flow

Simplifying the workflow for users to be able to accomplish their goals effortlessly and with a low cognitive load.

Unpakt Booking Flow

Move Plan

Move plan concept design and development for the users to fill the inventory and move details and get price quotations from moving company. It is designed to be supported across devices and mediums like Web, Email and PDF.

Unpakt Move Plan


With this project, one of several with Unpakt since 2012, design improvements on the homepage, booking flow and move plan have resulted in increased engagement, conversion rates and a more seamless move-day experience with a revamped move plan.