Yola Case Study

Online Language Learning
Platform in Vietnam

Client Overview

​Yola Institute is a premier provider of educational services in Vietnam providing a wide range of educational programs and products. These include test preparation courses, English language, soft-skill training, after-school learning and several other services.

Project Goal

Yola was looking to use the Open edX platform to build personalized study roadmaps, improve student outcomes and create an active learning community through the following measures:

Tracking student progress

Sharing targeted resources to help students achieve outcomes

Identify medium-risk students and help them more effectively

Blending learning with personalized learning for students

Medium-term goal to create stand alone online only course

Services Provided

Learning Platform Setup,Advanced Software, Customization & Hosting
Instructional Design,Technical Support, Software Architecture
UI/UX Design, Project Management, Python Software Dev
Front-end development (HTML/CSS/JS), Product Development Operations


We worked towards process optimization with mapping processes to determine the starting point and the ‘Actual State’.

UX Consulting, Review and selection of the technologies was done with the client along with weekly delivery of developments keeping the end user involved in the process of development and testing.

Lastly, we determined the KPIs, reports and other metrics in order to monitor the process.



UX Research and Discovery with YOLA team

Affinity Mapping Exercise

Student User Testing Volunteer

Student User Flows


Multiple roles

Yola user role management in Open edX


Custom dashboards for student, teacher and parents


Online activities like Auto generated MCQs, etc.

custom grading

Customized grading system for homework


User registration in with YOLA Student Information System

feature management

Vocabulary management for class work with schema file upload


Interactive learning experiences were defined, designed, and implemented, resulting in more engaged students, more learning, and higher grades and test scores.

Advanced online activities: Match the pair

Advanced online activities: MCQs

Advanced online activities: Flashcards

Vocabulary Management

Custom Dashboards for Teachers

Customized grading system for homework

Custom Dashboards for Students and Course Information

Vocabulary Management for classwork with schema file upload

Separate apps for each module in Common Django app

Each app can work independently and can communicate effectively similar to Django apps

Created apps in common so in future if data needs to be accessed by CMS, it can be done easily


The platform resulted in a significant improvement in learning skills among enrolled students and continues to increase the percentage and learning interest in students.

Parents got the access to view their child’s progress and contact teachers
Parent got the ability to sign homework online for teacher’s grading
Completed the integration with Yola Information System
Teachers find the platform easy to use, convenient and organized